Special Events

Our programs are sponsored by Chautauqua Historical Society in collaboration with the New Piasa Chautauqua Program Committee.

All dates, times and locations are subject to change due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.  Check the weekly Channels for updates.

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed at these events.

Events for Our 2021 Season

Early 20th Century Postcards Exhibit

Archival Research Center

The ARC will present a special exhibit featuring postcards from the early 20th century with an emphasis on Chautauqua as a resort destination.

June 13 – The 15th Annual Young Musicians Series

7:30 PM, Auditorium

The 15th Annual Young Musicians Series will feature violinist Aidan Ip.

Ip is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan and is about to begin graduate studies at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Ip will be assisted by Vera Parkin, Community School of Music.

Aidan Ip Concert Poster

New Piasa Chautauqua History Week

Week of June 27 – July 1

Chautauqua Historical Society will participate in the New Piasa Chautauqua Program Committee’s History Week.

Featured events will include:

  • Seventeenth Annual Platform Lecture (June 27)
  • Hillside presentation for Playschool (June 29), Activities (June 30), and Club (July 1) attendees
  • Independence Day Flag Ceremony

June 27 - Seventeenth Annual Platform Lecture

Dr. Sarah Bell: 19th & 20th Century Women's Political Activities seen through the Lens of the Chautauqua Movement

7:30 PM, Auditorium

This event was cancelled for the past two years, and we are pleased to reschedule it.

Dr. Sarah Bell is the Membership Coordinator for the Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence, Kansas.  Her history Ph.D degree was conferred by Kansas University in May 2019.

She will speak on women's political aspirations and activities in the late 19th and 20th centuries as seen through the lens of the Chautauqua movement.

2020 was the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution to provide the vote to women so her topic is timely indeed.

Dr. Sarah Bell

July 25 - Tim Tomlinson:  Morally We Roll Along, the Chautauqua Movement in American History

7:30 PM, Chautauqua Town Hall or Auditorium

Chautauqua Historical Society President Tim Tomlinson will discuss the history of the Chautauqua Movement and its important place in the history of our country.

August 15 - Dr. Richard Keating:  Postcards from the Past

7:00 PM, Auditorium

Naturalist and storyteller Dr. Richard Keating will share and discuss historic postcards.  This session was postponed from our 2020 Season and we are happy to have been able to reschedule it.

Dr. Keating’s most recent book was on the history of Pere Marquette State Park, published by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Keating is an emeritus professor at SIUE and a research associate at the Garden.

Dr. Richard Keating