These activities occur during the New Piasa Chautauqua season.

Archival Research Center

The Archival Research Center (ARC) is a service of the Historical Society. The heritage of Chautauqua is the foundation and center for all that is the Chautauqua experience. The ARC has the technology and resources to help connect with the community’s rich past and each family’s part in it.

Plan to spend some time at the Archival Research Center this summer. Add to your leasehold’s Cottage Box and review the growing collection of Notebooks about Chautauqua history and the people who made it.

The Center is under the direction of Annie Dugan. Staff includes volunteers and the Tomlinson-Hurd intern. The Intern is a NPC-CICA seasonal employee. Nora Woodruff is the 2024 CHS Intern.

ARC Hours: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, 10:00 AM to Noon, or by appointment.

Individuals interested in visiting the ARC who are not current NPC leaseholders, renters, or guests, should schedule an appointment to visit by emailing us.

Jersey Joe’s

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, from 10:00 AM to Noon, CHS and Bert Hampton host a casual gathering featuring coffee, sweets, and delightful conversation. They can be found on the side porch of the Kentucky Home (on 5th Street).

Flag Raising Ceremonies

Chautauquans honor the sacrifices made by our military veterans during flag raising ceremonies throughout the season. These military funeral flag exchange ceremonies are sponsored by the Chautauqua Historical Society and conducted by the Chautauqua Veterans Flag Detail, headed by Chuck Bryant. Veterans in the Flag Detail include Scott Adams, John Bick, Melanie Bick, Chuck Bryant, Don Bryant, Larry Colbert, Gary Crane, Dan Drescher, Bob Edmunds, Cheryl Gerber, Tom Hagemann, Dave Hagin, Bert Hampton, Marshall Hampton, Ian Hurd, Joe Laffler, John Mennell, Carl Muckler, Tim Mullarkey, Bob O’Hearne, Cory Palmer, Fred Palmer, Carl Raab, Jim Roberts, Bob Street, Jay Thatcher, Ken Trabue, and Bob Willman.

Melanie Bick and Ian Hurd are on active duty with the United States Army and United States Coast Guard, respectively. Chuck Bryant has been the Chautauqua Veterans Flag Detail leader since its inception in 2004.

Flags in the Chautauqua Memorial Flag Collection are under the stewardship of the Chautauqua Historical Society, and are memorialized each season on a rotating schedule.

2024 Ceremonies

May 25 at 10am
Raise the flag of Eric Woodruff, US Army

June 9 at Noon
Raise the flag of Jim Kreid, US Army

July 4 – Immediately following Parade
Honor the flag of Billy Clarkson, US Marine Corps, raise the flag of Charlie Schaeffer, US Navy

July 28 at Noon
Raise the flag of Frank Nickols, US Marine Corps

September 2 at 7:00 PM
Retreat the flag of Frank Nickols, end of season ceremony.

Previous Season Ceremonies

To see a list of Flag Raising Ceremonies from previous seasons, click here.